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Acotel Interactive


Acotel Interactive is the business area dedicated to web and mobile services for the global market.


Responsibility of the whole area is assigned to Acotel Interactive Inc., a company headquartered in New York City.


Acotel Interactive Inc. manages certain companies in Italy, Brazil, Argentina, USA and India, and oversees the activities of Acotel SpA (Italy) and Acotel do Brasil Ltda.


Global organization of the area allows an efficient propagation of the commercial offer towards worldwide markets. Services and products are centrally developed by Acotel Interactive and then tailored to the different regional markets thanks the contribution of local resources.


The area has the following divisions:

  • Digital Entertainment - includes consumer brands such as Yabox, Flycell, Giocanews, Skillderby and Palpitamos;
  • Mobile Services - built on Acotel Group’s pioneering of mobile value added services and provides white label VAS to mobile operators and media brands.


A significant competitive advantage of the area is represented by the technological skills, which, in addition to benefit from the experience gained by the Acotel Group, a pioneer in the field of mobile value added services, are steadily maintained on the state of the art. Within Acotel Interactive were in fact realized some of the first services based on HTML5, which allows for the creation of consistent user experiences with the advantage of not having to go through app stores for billing and distribution to the final consumer.


Acotel Interactive’s activities are focused on delivering value in terms of autonomy, by reducing dependence on third parties and cost reduction due to lower billing and content fees via:

  • the creation, promotion and global distribution of new products and services in areas such as mobile and online games publishing, skill competitions, online dating, e-learning and mobile apps;
  • the incorporation of new billing systems for such products and services to include credit cards, micro payments and mobile billing;
  • the tailoring of next generation platforms and solutions to mobile carriers and media brands.