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Acotel Net

The Group's offer in this area comprehend:

  • Energy management services;
  • Health management services;
  • Security systems.

Energy management services, which are addressed to medium and large organizations, allows the better monitoring of energy consumptions in order to improve the overall management and reduce costs.

Thanks to the Health management services developed by the Group, medical facilities can implement effective prevention programmes and to monitor the evolution of chronicle diseases to improve the quality of life of their patients.


In the security systems the Group operates through its subsidiary, AEM SpA (Rome), a company founded in 1980 that has built up a strong reputation at national level, serving customers such as the Bank of Italy, Acea and Telecom Italia.


AEM develops and produces security systems designed to meet the needs of large organisations and offering solutions that range from simple access controls to sophisticated video-surveillance systems.


By leveraging its expertise and its thirty-year presence in the market, AEM has recently diversified into control technologies (e.g. water, air pollution).