Our history

With the introduction of Advanced Electronic Microsystem (AEM), specialized in security systems, entrepreneurial ingenuity of Mr. Carnevale will bring to the market the first radio controlled car anti-theft system, the first microprocessor based security central with displayed graphic maps, and security link between italian police stations and bank institutions.

At the start of the 90s, by leveraging its partnership with Telecom Italia in dealing with the security of their business customers, Acotel introduces its Value Added Services (VAS) for the mobile market, with the launch of "Script TIM by Acotel", first SMS information system in Italy, ranging from infotainment to news to business services. After opening its brazilian branch in 2000, it debuts on the Milan Stock Exchange, and right after the initial offering, the stock gains an amazing 125%.

Ranked in the world top 10 Application Service Providers (ASP), after the success of the services provided on be half of the Holy See, Acotel exportsits B2C services on the US market; a few years later, it approaches the interactive advertising market with its Bucksense brand, with a custom Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Kicked off the industrial partnership with the largest italian bank group, Intesa SanPaolo, to launch Noverca (the brand is born from the blending of NOVita' -novelty - and ricERCA - research - two core Acotel assets), the first italian full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), opening the mobile phone market for Acotel Group, with an important advertisement campaign on most mass media.

The IoT division, known as AcotelNet, introduces on the Italian market an innovative service platform for smart metering and energy management; built completely in house, it monitors energy consumption (power, water, gas), based on a fully integrated cloud environment, from data pick up to data transmission and elaboration on the web platform.

Thanks to the devices developed by the IoT division, with embedded SIMs and custom Acotel firmware, it has been possible to expand the service platform also for Health Management. This evolution allows to optimize and enhance the physician/patient relationship, managing long term care illnesses, and giving health care institutions an innovative tool for the daily care of their customers.

Last news

29 January 2018  |  14:07

Acotel and E.ON: ready for the test for smart metering on 2G meters

Acotel launches on the market the new IoT "Casa Manager" device distributed, for a first phase of testing and validation, at a selected target of residential and business customers, that have signed a supply of electricity by E.ON Group.

The innovative Casa Manager device acquires the consumption data of an electric line every 15 minutes and through its IoT (Internet of Things) technology, it sends them to the Acotel cloud platform. The device, through a simple installation will offer a greater awareness in the use of energy by the end user for an efficient behaviors, in line with the E.ON approach based on the centrality of the customer.

14 December 2017  |  16:03

Acotel and Hera Comm signed a new partnership

Hera Comm, the Hera Group's electricity and natural gas sales company, and Acotel signed a partnership dedicated to residential customers and small companies with VAT registration which provides the use of an advanced smart metering device for monitoring energy consumption.

The device, presented in October during the Hera Comm convention and already being distributed, will allow Hera Comm to support its customers to help them to be aware of their consumption and to adopt more efficient behaviors. Through the smartphone and "Hera ContaWatt" app, developed for Hera Comm customers, it will be possible to view consumption trends, check the incidence of weather data, identify anomalous peaks or absence of energy with a specific notification system in real time, and then work to reduce them or to make decisions for energy recovery.

23 November 2017  |  15:00

Acotel at the 9th edition of National Energy Efficiency Conference

Monitoring consumption is the first step to achieve one of the priority goals set by the European Union: energy efficiency by 2030. Acotel will participate at the 9th edition of National Energy Efficiency Conference, in Rome on 27 and 28 November.

The event, organized by Amici della Terra Association, promotes policies and behaviors for environment protection and for sustainable development, supporting the central role of energy efficiency. During the two days event, will take place speeches from institutional, representatives and leading companies in the field. In the afternoon session, "Electricity is Efficiency: Liberalization, Overcoming Progressivity and Smart Metering as Motors for Electric Power Transmission", scheduled on November 27, it will be a speech of Acotel's President to illustrate how to generate guaranteed savings through continuous monitoring, performance monitoring, and identifying anomalies on energy waste through the use of smart meters.

Acotel in the world

The Group is headquartered in Rome, employs about 170 people, 63% of which in Italy, and has operating facilities in 5 countries with offices in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Mumbai.