Our history

With the introduction of Advanced Electronic Microsystem (AEM), specialized in security systems, entrepreneurial ingenuity of Mr. Carnevale will bring to the market the first radio controlled car anti-theft system, the first microprocessor based security central with displayed graphic maps, and security link between italian police stations and bank institutions.

At the start of the 90s, by leveraging its partnership with Telecom Italia in dealing with the security of their business customers, Acotel introduces its Value Added Services (VAS) for the mobile market, with the launch of "Script TIM by Acotel", first SMS information system in Italy, ranging from infotainment to news to business services. After opening its brazilian branch in 2000, it debuts on the Milan Stock Exchange, and right after the initial offering, the stock gains an amazing 125%.

Ranked in the world top 10 Application Service Providers (ASP), after the success of the services provided on be half of the Holy See, Acotel exportsits B2C services on the US market; a few years later, it approaches the interactive advertising market with its Bucksense brand, with a custom Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Kicked off the industrial partnership with the largest italian bank group, Intesa SanPaolo, to launch Noverca (the brand is born from the blending of NOVita' -novelty - and ricERCA - research - two core Acotel assets), the first italian full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), opening the mobile phone market for Acotel Group, with an important advertisement campaign on most mass media.

The IoT division, known as AcotelNet, introduces on the Italian market an innovative service platform for smart metering and energy management; built completely in house, it monitors energy consumption (power, water, gas), based on a fully integrated cloud environment, from data pick up to data transmission and elaboration on the web platform.

Thanks to the devices developed by the IoT division, with embedded SIMs and custom Acotel firmware, it has been possible to expand the service platform also for Health Management. This evolution allows to optimize and enhance the physician/patient relationship, managing long term care illnesses, and giving health care institutions an innovative tool for the daily care of their customers.

Last news

4 April 2019  |  14:34

Heritage Group has made a major investment in return for a 75% equity interest in Bucksense Inc.

Bucksense is a US service provider with offices in New York, Madrid, Rome, and Mumbai, featuring a programmatic platform for advertisers and agencies looking to bring brand building in house. Bucksense offers marketers control over media buying with a direct and simple interface. Bucksense’s Creative Suite is one of the world's first self-serve ad creative solutions that leverages programmatic data.

Responsive ad formats enable users to take multiple paths (change topics, book appointments, opt-out, etc), all within the one ad unit, producing smart and self-learning campaigns. “Programmatic has been a game changer in the online advertising and has drastically transformed for the better the way advertisers and publishers interact” Lefebvre said. “Programmatic Advertising” he continued “is an extremely powerful tool constantly evolving but all its facets maintain a common denominator: efficiency. At Silversea we have started to invest heavily in digital communication 6 years ago, with Silversea being one of the pioneers in the cruise industry and now our Holding company Heritage is making this investment as a reaffirmation of our firm belief that the digital world in which we live is a better world and can be even better with platforms like Bucksense that in full transparency meets the requirements of a more and more sophisticated clientele” Bucksense’s CEO and Founder, Cristian Carnevale, added “Bucksense was founded in 2012 because we saw a need for brands to take back control of their ads spend and quality. The fact that Heritage Group decided to financially support our endeavor, guarantees to me that Bucksense will quickly become a leading and revolutionary presence of the Programmatic Advertising industry." Heritage Group is an investment company chaired by Manfredi Lefebvre that invests in several industries including, among others, travel, leisure & hospitality and other diversified businesses. Heritage transformed Silversea Cruises, the family company founded by Manfredi’s father in 1994, into the most successful luxury cruise line in the world with a global organization, a fleet of 9 ships and other 5 under construction/order. Heritage sold the majority stake of Silversea to Royal Caribbean in summer 2018 at an enterprise value of over 2 billion dollars and it recently reinvested part of the equity into the acquisition of 85% of what is undoubtedly considered the most valued luxury travel company in the world, Abercrombie and Kent.

28 February 2019  |  14:46

Bucksense introduces Directopub at the Summit Publishing of Digandia Europe

Bucksense is partners of the Publishing Summit Europe, the biggest event on publishing in Europe, who will be in Milan from 5 to 7 March. The opportunity will be very important and will allow to present Directopub, the pioneering SaaS solution aimed to the sophisticated needs of publishers. Wednesday, March 6 Cristian Carnevale, Bucksense CEO, will present an interesting session of Directopub: from the genesis of the project to the first important results since the launch of the service.

Directopub is the result of a successful partnership between Grindr, the leading global social network aimed to a male gay target, and Bucksense. Directopub is the pioneering Bucksense white label SaaS solution that allows publishers to get a contact with all advertisers interested in acquiring the advertising space available through a personalized offer, self-service self-brand. With this solution is possible to consider the whole range of opportunities related the direct publisher / advertiser relationship. For more information or to get in touch with the Bucksense Team just fill in the form on line.

4 December 2018  |  15:33

Acotel and Live Protection launch the Consumer IoT Smart Home services

Acotel and Live Protection, startup of Linkem, dedicated to Consumer IoT services, offer an innovative solution into Internet of Things for residential users. This is the exclusive Smart Home system, fully “made in Italy”, which allows to monitor and protect, in real time, the own loved ones and own home, even when far away, making it smart with solutions for home automation.

The Smart Home offer includes a package for control, automation and home security, through an integrated end-to-end offer: from the sale of the service to the support for the installation, completely free, up to the contact center that will allow optimized management of the home safety or of the client's office. The system uses a wide range of household devices and appliances of highest technology including cameras, detectors of smoke, water leak sensors, lighting devices and intelligent heating, all connected through the Smart Hub. These devices are connected, monitored and activated by the Acotel control platform, accessible remotely via the App, able to immediately report any anomalies on the customer's smartphone. Remote control through the platform, guaranteed by the 24/7 call center, able to act in the name and on behalf of the customer, will interact with the equipment according to the specific needs of the customer, as well as warn third parties in advance indicated by himself. All for maximum security, even if the smartphone is not connected. The partnership between Acotel and Live Protection   represents  an important opportunity for commercial expansion for both companies committed to expand their sales markets through a network of 2,000 installers on the country, an own Customer Care, over 3.000 stores in Italy , including 5 flagships, and a customer base of more than 600.000 residential users who already benefit from the services of the holding Linkem. The platform is open and based on standard technologies, the range of IoT smart home devices will continue to expand including new features such as voice activation through voice assistants (Google Home among the first), sensors for intelligent lighting, thermostats, devices for outdoor. Soon other services for monitoring and caring people. Live Protection services will initially be sold through the Premium Partners channel, Customer Care and through the online market place www.liveprotection.com.

Acotel in the world

The Group is headquartered in Rome, employs about 77 people, and has operating facilities in
5 countries with offices in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai.