The first patent of Acotel Group!

Acotel Group got its first patent for industrial invention for its device AReader; a new important milestone confirming the high level of technological innovation that has always characterized the Group. This acknowledgment of the protection and enhancement of Acotel’s industrial property enables the Company to be competitive on the market.

AReader, a device built entirely in house by Acotel, is able to read power consumption from mechanical counters with “drum” numeric indicators, that is, those that do not have an impulse output. This way, any old, light, water and gas meter becomes accessible for remote consumption reading and ready for access to its data. AReader transforms the information recorded from the pulse analogue counter wheels that are then sent to the Acotel Net Cloud Platform capable of monitoring consumption and highlighting any waste at any time. Thanks to the Acotel Net device, old-fashioned residential, commercial and industrial buildings can also be monitored in abnormal conditions – such as broken water pipes and / or gas leaks – getting energy consumption information with the consequent optimization of energy distribution and reduction of load peaks.

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