Bucksense at Madrid Mobile Summit 2018

November is just around the corner, and Bucksense is already soaking up the spooky Halloween atmosphere. Surrounded by gloomy pumpkins, Bucksense ise counting down the days to meet its own customers at Madrid Mobile Summit 2018, the ultimate event for everyone in the apps/games/ad tech ecosystem. The Bucksense team is ready to discuss about the great potential of Geo targeting. If clients need to ensure that their ad campaigns reach the right audience in the right place or the right moment, Geo targeting gives them more control over who gets to see their ads.  

Running geo-targeted campaigns in Bucksense is a piece of cake. All clients need to do is entering the geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude and radius) of the locations that they want to target or insert a geographical address within the map. Alternatively, it’s possible to obtain the geographical coordinates by selecting an area directly within the map.

Moreover, Geo Lists allow to blacklist all Geo locations that are not relevant to the right audience.

Although Geo targeting is getting more popular among advertisers, there are still a few misconceptions revolving around it. What about dispelling all these doubts together? So let’s meet our team on November 13th at MEEU in Madrid.

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