Acotel at European Utility Week 2018 with ICE and ANIE

Acotel takes part in the 2018 edition of the European Utility Week to be held in Vienna from tomorrow and until 8 November. EUW, now in its sixth edition, is one of the biggest events dedicated to electrical, gas and water utilities and involves all sectors of smart energy and energy efficiency. The program includes meetings and areas of deepening in the strategic field (business models, EU policy & regulation), technical, with specific Hub sessions, and networking aimed at the world of innovative start-ups.

Within this scenario, the ICE (Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies), a body through which the Government promotes the consolidation and economic-commercial development of Italian companies on foreign markets, has organized a Italian collective in collaboration with the Italian Federation for Electrical Engineering and Electronic Industry ANIE.

The objective of the initiative is to promote the Italian Smart Energy sector bringing real success cases to the international event.

Into this context Acotel will present, within the Italian pavilion, with a personalized space, its own last two innovative solutions to the public: the Smart Home that can digitize the own home using the latest technologies to bring it directly into the cloud, and the Smart Sensor that offers several independent sensors powered by battery and with a worldwide M2M connection.

The Smart Home solution provides a package for control, automation and home security, aimed at residential customers through an integrated offer to a wide range of devices that respond to the needs of customers to control and protect their homes. Thanks to the possibility of connecting dozens of compatible sensors, it is possible to target the offer and create an ad hoc solution built on individual needs.

The Smart Sensor, aimed at owners of secondary housing or commercial premises that have lower monitoring and control needs, includes sophisticated sensors like motion sensors, anti-flooding, anti-intrusion and smoke detectors that will make the rooms more safe and efficient.

Both solutions can be managed by the final customers through a dedicated APP available for iOS and Android. The Smart Home and Smart Sensor devices are completely made in Italy, as well as the APP itself, and developed by Acotel in its Rome headquarters.

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