Acotel and Live Protection launch the Consumer IoT Smart Home services

Acotel and Live Protection, startup of Linkem, dedicated to Consumer IoT services, offer an innovative solution into Internet of Things for residential users. This is the exclusive Smart Home system, fully “made in Italy”, which allows to monitor and protect, in real time, the own loved ones and own home, even when far away, making it smart with solutions for home automation.

The Smart Home offer includes a package for control, automation and home security, through an integrated end-to-end offer: from the sale of the service to the support for the installation, completely free, up to the contact center that will allow optimized management of the home safety or of the client’s office.

The system uses a wide range of household devices and appliances of highest technology including cameras, detectors of smoke, water leak sensors, lighting devices and intelligent heating, all connected through the Smart Hub. These devices are connected, monitored and activated by the Acotel control platform, accessible remotely via the App, able to immediately report any anomalies on the customer’s smartphone.

Remote control through the platform, guaranteed by the 24/7 call center, able to act in the name and on behalf of the customer, will interact with the equipment according to the specific needs of the customer, as well as warn third parties in advance indicated by himself. All for maximum security, even if the smartphone is not connected.

The partnership between Acotel and Live Protection   represents  an important opportunity for commercial expansion for both companies committed to expand their sales markets through a network of 2,000 installers on the country, an own Customer Care, over 3.000 stores in Italy , including 5 flagships, and a customer base of more than 600.000 residential users who already benefit from the services of the holding Linkem.

The platform is open and based on standard technologies, the range of IoT smart home devices will continue to expand including new features such as voice activation through voice assistants (Google Home among the first), sensors for intelligent lighting, thermostats, devices for outdoor. Soon other services for monitoring and caring people.

Live Protection services will initially be sold through the Premium Partners channel, Customer Care and through the online market place

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