Heritage Group has made a major investment in return for a 75% equity interest in Bucksense Inc.

Bucksense is a US service provider with offices in New York, Madrid, Rome, and Mumbai, featuring a programmatic platform for advertisers and agencies looking to bring brand building in house. Bucksense offers marketers control over media buying with a direct and simple interface. Bucksense’s Creative Suite is one of the world’s first self-serve ad creative solutions that leverages programmatic data.

Responsive ad formats enable users to take multiple paths (change topics, book appointments, opt-out, etc), all within the one ad unit, producing smart and self-learning campaigns.

“Programmatic has been a game changer in the online advertising and has drastically transformed for the better the way advertisers and publishers interact” Lefebvre said. “Programmatic Advertising” he continued “is an extremely powerful tool constantly evolving but all its facets maintain a common denominator: efficiency. At Silversea we have started to invest heavily in digital communication 6 years ago, with Silversea being one of the pioneers in the cruise industry and now our Holding company Heritage is making this investment as a reaffirmation of our firm belief that the digital world in which we live is a better world and can be even better with platforms like Bucksense that in full transparency meets the requirements of a more and more sophisticated clientele”

Bucksense’s CEO and Founder, Cristian Carnevale, added “Bucksense was founded in 2012 because we saw a need for brands to take back control of their ads spend and quality. The fact that Heritage Group decided to financially support our endeavor, guarantees to me that Bucksense will quickly become a leading and revolutionary presence of the Programmatic Advertising industry.”

Heritage Group is an investment company chaired by Manfredi Lefebvre that invests in several industries including, among others, travel, leisure & hospitality and other diversified businesses. Heritage transformed Silversea Cruises, the family company founded by Manfredi’s father in 1994, into the most successful luxury cruise line in the world with a global organization, a fleet of 9 ships and other 5 under construction/order. Heritage sold the majority stake of Silversea to Royal Caribbean in summer 2018 at an enterprise value of over 2 billion dollars and it recently reinvested part of the equity into the acquisition of 85% of what is undoubtedly considered the most valued luxury travel company in the world, Abercrombie and Kent.

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