IoT-Internet of Things

The Acotel Net business line is dedicated to
Consumer Personal & Home Care and
Business Energy Management & Security services.

• Monitoring of personal values and environmental parameters, home security with Acotel devices to monitor energy consumption, sensors for the safety and comfort of the home;
• Monitoring and energy efficiency, centralized plant management and maintenance assessment.

Acotel Net develops all its products and services: from software/hardware to monitoring systems, from the development of cloud, web and mobile applications, to analytics and consulting.

Solutions and services B2B and B2B2C.


The area of business Interactive, is dedicated to the World-wide activities in the web and mobile services.

The global organization guarantees efficient commercial propagation of the offer to the worldwide markets.

Services and products are in fact centrally developed by Acotel Interactive and then cut out on the specific needs of different markets through contribution of resources present locally. The area has two business approaches, Digital Entertainment and Mobile Services.


Security and Video Surveillance Solution, built with Acotel's control panels, provides security solutions with solutions ranging from access control to sophisticated video surveillance networks.

Innovation and reliability, the core elements for leadership in technological research, to design and product increasingly innovative power plants and systems, and a team of technicians throughout the country with a background in coding and in advanced electronic systems.



he Health Management business area helps to improve the patient-to-doctor relationship in managing long-distance illnesses.

atient needs are centered and, at the same time, provide healthcare facilities a cutting-edge tool for day-to-day management of their patients by achieving cost-saving notes.

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, medical and clinical clinics) that follow their patients in the day-to-day management of oncological diseases and chronic diseases (eg diabetes, heart and respiratory tract disorders).

The Acotel platform

Integration of services between SIM to M2M (Machine to Machine) and an extremely performing, flexible, continuously developing, reliable, world-wide accessible platform, built with cloud technologies containing databases for storing measured quantities and detected events.   The WEB application allows the user remote access to manage, monitor, and monitor data detected by devices or sensors via GPRS-like mobile connectivity to handle all the evolved features of the services delivered.