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Front-end Web Developer General Requirements Technical and scientific skills Excellent interpersonal and team working skills Good knowledge of English (written and spoken) Main requirements 3 years of experience in developing web applications based on HTML5, Javascript and CSS Knowledge and… (READ MORE)

The Acotel platform

Integration of services between SIM to M2M (Machine to Machine) and an extremely performing, flexible, continuously developing, reliable, world-wide accessible platform, built with cloud technologies containing databases for storing measured quantities and detected events.   The WEB application allows the… (READ MORE)


he Health Management business area helps to improve the patient-to-doctor relationship in managing long-distance illnesses. atient needs are centered and, at the same time, provide healthcare facilities a cutting-edge tool for day-to-day management of their patients by achieving cost-saving notes…. (READ MORE)


Security and Video Surveillance Solution, built with Acotel’s control panels, provides security solutions with solutions ranging from access control to sophisticated video surveillance networks. Innovation and reliability, the core elements for leadership in technological research, to design and product increasingly… (READ MORE)


The area of business Interactive, is dedicated to the World-wide activities in the web and mobile services. The global organization guarantees efficient commercial propagation of the offer to the worldwide markets. TARGET: Services and products are in fact centrally developed… (READ MORE)


The business line of Bucksense is exclusively dedicated to advertising interactive, providing the necessary tools to operate in mobile marketing. Bucksenseis interconnected with major Ad Exchange, with tools and resources to meet an increasingly demanding developer marketing client side. It… (READ MORE)


Innovation is the keyword: as history unfolded to this very day, always pioneers and innovators, we know how to interpret the needs of the market by anticipating them. Create value for all customers, especially the ones still to be acquired, and… (READ MORE)

1980 – AEM is born

With the introduction of Advanced Electronic Microsystem (AEM), specialized in security systems, entrepreneurial ingenuity of Mr. Carnevale will bring to the market the first radio controlled car anti-theft system, the first microprocessor based security central with displayed graphic maps, and… (READ MORE)